What is EmilyLite?

EmilyLite is an application for answering questions about the Foundational Model of Anatomy. More specifically, it answers structured questions about relations between concepts. The application can be run directly from the Internet using Java Web Start, which is packaged with Java 1.4 or later.

What is the Foundational Model of Anatomy?

See The Foundational Model of Anatomy Home Page

What operations does EmilyLite support?

EmilyLite requires users to specify queries in the form of (subject, relation, object), where any one of these can be unknown. For example, to find the subclasses of Blood, the query would be (Blood, has subtype, <unknown>). If the relation is unknown, EmilyLite will search four levels deep. Relations with attributes are also supported. To answer more complex queries, set operations can be used to combined results.

Some queries are better displayed with different views. For unknown relation queries that can go up to four levels deep, the tree view is useful for breaking down these results. When using result sets to query for more results, the second tree view chains the results together. Finally, users can simply explore the hierarchy of the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

Below is a screenshot of the EmilyLite query application: