Querying with Sets

Using Sets

Each time a query is done or set operation is executed, a result set is created. This set can be used as either the subject, object, or both in standard (subject, relation, object) queries. The set's name, such as Set 1, can be typed into the subject or object textbox or auto-inserted.

Example Question: "Which classes in Set 1 are subclasses of Set 2?"
Query: (Set 1, is type of, Set 2)
The result will not only be true or false, but it will also specify which elements of Set1 are subclasses of Set 2.

Chaining Sets

If a set is used in a query, and the result set is also a set of classes, then these results can be viewed together as a tree. To do so, in the results display, access the "Tree" tab and make sure "Show set dependencies" is selected.