Simple Queries

Query Basics

Queries are structured in the form (subject, relation, object), where at most one of these is unknown. Both the subject and object are classes in the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

Example Question: "What are the subtypes of Blood?"
The query form is (Blood, has subtype, <unknown>)

The unknown box for subject, relation, and object sets or unsets the <unknown> property. Once the query is composed, click the Query button to initiate the query. The status bar at the very bottom should say "Querying." Once the query is completed, the results are displayed in a listing at the bottom right.

Additional Notes

To make entering classes for subject and object easier, there is an auto-insert box. When enabled, selecting a class in the results list or other windows will cause its automatic insertion.

If the subject, relation, and object are all known, then the query will return a true or false.

The list of relations is predefined. Please contact the people that are currently maintaining EmilyLite to add or redefine the current list of relations.